RAJ NATARAJANIt is with great pleasure that I introduce our company through this website.

Mint Homes aspires to distinctly serve customers by building homes loaded with value. We provide personalized service at every step of the building process. The ever changing market demands are met with our combined strength in sound technical team management and efficient resource allocation for each project.

These are all the unique operational qualities we contribute to our esteemed customers for making their product second to none in these competitive and borderless markets.

Mint Homes – Today

Mint Homes today stands proudly as the company capable of building and developing communities unhindered by debt. The company’s ethos at its inception still rings true; we have created truly ground-breaking communities; structures built to international standards, so as to enhance property values and provide superior after-sales service.

The Journey of Achievement

In 1979, in the US, I began my career as a property manager and broker and formed a property management & marketing company called TIPS in Real Estate.

Between 1986 & 93, the US was faced with a financial tsunami, which was the Savings and Loan debacle. The financial institutions were facing a rising tide of defaults since major developers and builders were no longer able to service their debts, it became apparent that there was a need for companies that could manage and market these properties through the foreclosure process in an orderly fashion. With the unique capability to manage and market properties, TIPS became a national company with offices all over the country turning around over 1200 projects under management with a value of over $15 billion.

This accumulated knowledge and experience helped us avoid the mistakes made by the failed builders giving us the ability to develop products which created value for buyers.

The Birth of Mint Homes

Mint Homes was conceived in 1993, based on the knowledge gained in turning around failed projects and with a seminal vision of creating a company capable of building and developing communities unhindered by debt.

At Mint Homes we strive to help our clients shape and realize their dreams by erecting superior quality, aesthetically appealing homes. We offer a practical and affordable approach that will see you through every step from design to build.

The Mint Homes Difference


Our competitive advantage, as builders, is our focus on home buyers and their complete satisfaction with the buying process. We adhere to:

  • A highly rigorous material selection process
  • Intensive inspection processes
  • Application of international construction standards
  • Using only suppliers and labor contractors of the highest standard

We have targeted potential areas of growth – Sustainable Design, Green Construction and Eco-Friendly Building Products. We build residential communities with a focus on lifestyles and quality of life for our residents. The superior standards within our communities create added value for the homeowners. We proudly stand behind all our developments.

The Key to Success

"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of its team players."

Our key to success is our “NO DEBT” business morale and highly focused customer model. As a result of our financial strength and forward thinking management, our clients reap maximum returns.

Our Current and Future Plans

"There is no achievement without goals."

We strive to be the most competitive in the construction industry and deliver all our projects on or ahead of schedule. Our perfectly aligned method of planning and execution maximizes synergies and achieves high levels of efficiency.

Our long term strategy is focused on taking Mint Homes forward as a leading building company. We are privileged to be in a position to contribute worldwide where we see immense opportunities and a promising future.

We are growing globally, and will adhere closely to our founding philosophy of providing continuous, commendable and complete client satisfaction.

Come and visit our projects, meet our associates and experience the difference for yourself!